Your Xcerces reference to the Milkweed species and their seeds

There’s been considerable confusion regarding Milkweed seed native to each of your regions or zones and where to find this MILKWEED SEED. You may confidently rely on the non-profit Xcerces Society as the benchmark for this and information related to reclaiming nature. This is the key. This is our studio.

We cannot bring back our native Bees and Butterflies without the NATIVE herbaceous plants (the PRIMARY PRODUCERS). And if we can bring them back, the terrestrial food web will naturally follow ……….. including our native song birds (and of course minus the large mammals and snakes, depending on where you live; i.e. human pop density, fences, etc.) This IS THE KEY to recovering our entire TERRESTRIAL FOOD WEB….to Bringing Nature to our Homes again.

This is Xcerces’s easy-reference to MILKWEED SEED.

And here is The Xerces Society Guide to Attracting Native Pollinators, Protecting North America’s Bees and Butterflies.

along with Doug Tallamy’s Bringing Nature Home

These two books are outstanding references for anyone who wants to re-establish or maintain a solid base to their piece of the terrestrial food web. I have bought both books, do NOT refer to them enough and have been referring to them during the process of converting my lawn to natives. THIS IS OUR STUDIO. Let’s take the nation with this.

You can be on the leading edge of this or follow it “down the road”…..because it is a movement that is not going to stop.


Xerces blue – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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