Pacific Giant Wildflower (Delphinium spp.) in Maine

_RLK6622 Pacific Giant (Delphinium spp)

I was very surprised to see this wildflower still in bloom deep into October in Maine. Go ahead and click on it twice, to see how beautiful this flower is. And this image was taken October 23, 2015! There was a frost last week on this same parcel this Pacific Giant flower is on. All other native wildflowers in my garden are gone by. All the plants are dead for this year. I do allow that the Pacific Giant is under a tree and the tree’s leaves have not dropped. So it is much less likely that this flower was subjected to that frost. I was in a hurry and did not check to see if there was frost on the ground around this Pacific Giant flower. Either way, this is one hardy perennial that blooms well into Fall. I have to do some research on this one and I am very anxious to see it next Spring.