It’s all for not w/o Zero Pop, or “No I’m not really nuts.”

If everyone decided to (or was forced to) have no more than one child this could be a wonderful Biosphere again…. we could make progress with the other stuff.

Isn’t it interesting that a lot of young Americans have decided to have none or just one child? And I always wondered why. Hat’s off to them :)

But it has to come from the governments….I mean voicing the need for zero pop. Until we do that, the Biosphere does not have a chance.

We are already in the midst of the 6th great extinction of life on the Earth. There is no argument. Or rather, there should not be but there is. The evidence is clear.

Suffice to say, unless things change dramatically, much of the human species will not survive into say….the next century. There simply will not be enough food produced for the projected human population. And where is that going to leave my beloved wildlife? No….ZOOS ARE NOT GOING TO BE ACCEPTED AS AN ALTERNATIVE! You cannot have wildlife without habitat suitable to the species you want. Some species are more habitat-specific than others. Please just keep reading.

This is all going to come one way or the other. The Biosphere’s surface area is finite and as the human pop grows, to cover more of that area, there is less area remaining to produce food. It is pretty simple stuff.

One big mistake the human race makes is not heeding the warnings of our top scientists. Another is not counting humans as part of the energy pyramid. And humans do not count themselves as part of it. Heck, they do not even know what it is. Along with all other species, humans are totally dependent on energy provided by the Sun….all usable energy in terrestrial systems begins with the Sun.

The energy provided by the Sun is converted to usable energy by the Primary Producers (plants) through the process of photosynthesis. This now-usable energy is passed on to the Primary and Secondary Consumes and so on. This is the terrestrial energy pyramid that is the same worldwide.

if nothing else….READ THIS!
Cities are concentrations of people. Cities require a constant input of energy from outside themselves….from nature. But, cities give nothing in return. Cities produce no energy at all for the energy pyramid. Man has developed various artificial systems that mimic food webs. An example is the commercial food lot used to produce meat for human consumption.

All these human-developed systems require the same constant input of energy…..the Sun’s energy They don’t? The grain in the food lots comes from….photosynthesis. Ultimately or immediately….all of the animal feed in man’s artificial systems is provided by the Sun, via photosynthesis….100% of it.

All the solar energy that is converted into usable energy in the food webs is manufactured at the base, by the Primary Producers, through photosynthesis. And the amount that is converted is finite, at least because the surface area of the Biosphere is finite. All of the energy budget for all terrestrial ecosystem’s energy pyramid is produced at the base by the Primary Producers. Energy is lost as it flows up into the consumers….no more is produced after that base trophic level.

As human pops increase, more towns grow into cities and so a greater portion of the finite energy that is produced is consumed by cities, and less of the Biosphere’s surface area is available for photosynthesis.


This one is a real sore spot with me…a point of anger in many of us. For the rest of you….please, please, please….wake up!! Corporations have lied to you all your life so do you think things are going to change at this point? Are you going to continue believing them?

Research and technology will be able to scrape out only so much. R/T is not going to work some magic outside the rules of nature. If you think they will, then you are again allowing corporate lies to reel you into their fantasy land. It is not going to happen. You have been lied to much in the past and they will continue to do it.

Eventually food production will not keep up with the demands of even the “developed” countries, let alone the 3rd world countries. Again, even if agriculture can increase its production, this shortfall will come because of the unbridled, continuous growth in the human pop. Here are all the human pop growth curves….you pick the one you want….because they all say the same thing: human pop growth is turning the corner to go straight up

ENTER our beloved WILDLIFE:
Forget about the nature that we love. Habitat will now be up for consideration to be converted to human food production. It already is. For just one example, please read my reply to myself on this post. So what will stop governments from proposing to convert our natural areas to feed the masses. I am talking the parks the refuges….all of it. No? You say I am nuts? Here is why you could be wrong:

After all, what is more important, humans or animals? Let me rephrase….what is more important to the masses of humans and the political bodies that govern them? And this is my getting off point!

This is why I am livid by these organizations that beg for donations to feed the children while there is nothing being done to curb the pregnancy rate. Not one word is mentioned by these organizations about curbing the birth rate. They want money to feed an ongoing…ever-increasing…human birth rate.

Even China just changed its one-child policy. It is up to two now. We really needed that! In effect, the world is saying to me… hell with your wildlife and nature….we desperately need more food to feed people (for whatever reason…yes, maybe just profit-motivated). Man began the process of permanently destroying vast tracts of wildlife habitat…. probably at the advent of the industrial revolution.

And you can kiss African wildlife bye-bye. Africa is projected to have the greatest increase in human pop, over all other countries (regions, including Asia, which includes China), 1.3 BILLION people in Africa by 2050!

Didn’t you read that Sudanese (or was he from another African country?) grad student who rebuffed us all for sticking up for Cecil? It was a NY Times article. He said that in Africa they give wildlife no room at all; i.e. the elephants and all the others…..are a problem. This is what we are up against. And this guy is supposed to be smart. Hey, the NY Times gave him the space.

The politicians are not going to take action on this until we make them take action. That’s the way it works. When are we going to put our foot down? Let’s start now!!!

It cannot be sustained and the chaos is coming much, much sooner than we think it is. Heck, we are in the middle of it right now. We just can’t see it.

It is all for not without zero pop. Every issue we debate is minuscule compared to this. In fact, they are mute unless we tackle this one problem.

1. So, what are your thoughts?

2. Where do we start?

3. What is the most effect way to bring change now?

4. Where do I go to write one of those petitions and get it circulating? I want zero pop….NOW!

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And later, from the same posting: Excerpt from my post here: “In effect, the world is saying to me… hell with your wildlife and nature….we desperately need more food to feed people (for whatever reason…yes, maybe just profit-motivated).” From NWF article “Battle for Butterlies: “Moreover, “the majority of the world’s monarchs are produced by milkweeds in the Corn Belt,” says University of Minnesota biologist Karen Oberhauser, co-chair of the Monarch Joint Venture. She and Iowa State University biologist John Pleasants estimated that more than 60 percent of the region’s milkweeds were lost between 1999 and 2012. During the same period, Oberhauser says, the Midwest produced 88 percent fewer monarch butterflies than it did before 1999.” AND from the same article: “In much of the Corn Belt, farming is now from road to road, with little habitat for any form of wildlife remaining,” he says. My words: There it is right there!…; i.e. an example right here in America of wildlife habitat being converted to ag for human food production: The ag industry is scraping out every last acre of available land for human food production now! Formerly, there were countless acres remaining for the Monarch, comprised of strips that were between the ag fields and the roads. And the Monarchs were happy to flourish in this habitat.. No more. And as the human pop grows globally….this wildlife habitat (Monarchs are wildlife) is gone forever. Nothing will be allowed to block human food production. But in the end, there will be insufficient capacity to feed the ever-expanding pop. All a doubter has to do is look at the human pop growth charts. They all show a pop that is turning sharply upward. So, if we are to successfully preserve what wildlife habitat remains, we have to at least begin work at forcing the politicians to focus on zero pop. It is getting later, faster. – See more at: Robert King – See more at: